Shopify for Ecommerce Websites

When it comes to building an online store, there's one platform that is almost universally considered the "class" of ecommerce. That platform is Shopify.

Launched as we know it in 2006, this Canadian company grew from humble beginnings as an online store itself (selling snowboards), to a massively popular ecommerce ecosystem. Today, Shopify is the platform of choice for small startups like NOBULL footwear, to corporations like GE and Tesla. And that right there should give you an idea of one of the main reasons why. Scale.

People can argue back and forth about ease of use, pricing and feature sets between Shopify and its main competitors, but what makes Shopify the trusted ecommerce leader is the ability to scale.

See, not every small business stays a small business. And big businesses almost never start as big businesses. So what happens during that period when a small business turns into a big business? Many ecommerce companies find themselves in this exact situation, asking this exact question. What makes it even scarier is when this transition takes place suddenly or unexpectedly.

If Kim Kardashian tweets about your line of handbags, you want to make sure you have a platform that can handle all of the traffic you are about to get. Shopify can. And that process happens seamlessly, without your store skipping a beat.

But that's not to say that scalability is the only reason to use Shopify, that's just the thing to keep in mind if you are looking to have your small business grow (and really, who isn't?)

Shopify has a deep and thorough feature-set, giving shop owners the flexibility to run their shop the way they want to, using the features that they need. Processing payments, collecting taxes and handling shipments are all a breeze. You can even manage inventory and generate discount codes right from the well-organized and intuitive dashboard.

But Shopify doesn't just earn its title as the top ecommerce platform by providing great features themselves. They've also opened up the platform to outside developers who have helped populate a vast and diverse app store. So, for any features that Shopify doesn't include themselves or any level of customization or control where the defaults just don't go far enough for your needs, a solution can almost certainly be found in the app store. Say you want an easy way to print invoices and packing slips? Or you want to add a customer review feature to your products? Or you want to offer a line of digital downloads as products? There are apps for all of these features, and so many more.

Online stores need to be pleasing to look at and easy to navigate, otherwise customers are never going to make it through the checkout process. That's why another great, and crucial, benefit of Shopify is that their websites look great. There is a relatively new "sections" feature, that lets users drag and drop different sections of a page to re-order and customize their layout. They also have a wide selection of beautiful themes, both free and for purchase, that give shop owners nearly infinite choices of solid frameworks as a baseline for their site, all of which are responsive and mobile-ready. Having a mobile-friendly ecommerce site isn't just important from a design perspective, but since mobile purchasing is on the rise, shop owners need to instill the utmost confidence in their customers that their mobile checkout process is going to be fast, smooth and secure.

Shopify hasn't forgotten about the other important parts of an ecommerce website either. Their dashboard and app store make it easy to add pages, create contact forms, and manage and post content like blog posts. Once your basic site strategy, navigation and content are laid out, a store owner looking to save money on site tweaks can do many of the smaller tweaks and content additions themselves.

Over the last decade, Shopify has become synonymous with ecommerce for a reason. They offer the best features, the most flexibility, amazing designs, fast and secure checkout and payment processing, and the ability for businesses of any size to grow quickly and painlessly. For businesses built around ecommerce, there might not be a better of platform anywhere.

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