7 Facts You Need To Know About Pinterest

If you are selling products on the internet, you need to be marketing on Pinterest. Especially if you are geared toward women.

Pinterest doesn’t function quite the same way as other social media platforms, even when compared to other image-centric networks like Snapchat and Instagram. It is far less about personal interactions, and far more about sharing and creating visual canvases.

In a lot of ways Pinterest has taken up the place in our lives that magazines used to hold. Just take a look at the most popular topics on Pinterest:

-       food and drink

-       crafts

-       home décor

-       women’s fashion

To show you just how important Pinterest has become as a marketing tool, here are facts you need to know about Pinterest: 

Pinterest Has a Ton of Women

Over 100 million users log in to Pinterest every day. That may not seem like a lot when compared to the sheer volume of people on Facebook and Twitter, but when you consider that 85% of Pinterest users are women – this accounts for 42% of ALL WOMEN on the internet. Also 60% of Pinterest users are in the United States. That allows for an incredible marketing opportunity to a targeted demographic group, especially amongst women.

Pinterest is Exploding Internationally

60% of Pinterest users being in the U.S., doesn’t mean Pinterest isn’t also a great platform for marketing internationally. In fact, international growth on Pinterest was 135% in 2015, which is a higher growth rate than almost any of the other major social media platforms. If that keeps up, Pinterest could be an incredible place to reach an international audience.

Users are on Pinterest a Lot

The other thing that makes the Pinterest audience unique, is their level on engagement with the platform. For one thing, that average user spends almost 15 minutes at a time on Pinterest. Considering that the average amount of time a visitor spends on a typical website is 58 seconds, 15 minutes in a single visit is pretty amazing. Not only that, but spread out over the course of a month, the average time that a user spends on Pinterest is over an hour and a half.

People Spend Money on Pinterest

But the engagement isn’t just about a time spent, it translates to dollars spent as well. Almost 75% of users on Pinterest have purchased something either on the platform itself, or because they saw it on the platform.

Pinterest Users Click-Through

And lest you think this trend might be difficult to capitalize on as a business, consider that a full two-thirds of the content that users pin is content that comes from brand websites. And on average, every one of these pins translates to 6 website visits.

Businesses Should Post Five Times Daily

Clearly, businesses are capable of having a lot of success on Pinterest, which is probably why they are posting on there so much. In fact, the more that a business posts on Pinterest, the more success they have. There is definitely a point of going overboard, but businesses that post around five times a day hit a happy medium between having enough content to share and not overwhelming people.

Saturday is Pinterest Day

The folks over at Pinterest have said that their most popular time of the week is Saturday afternoons and evenings. This means that anything uploaded during those times are going to have the greatest potential for getting shared and spread around. The caveat being certain specific types of content. For instance, posts that have to do with fitness tend to do well on Mondays, whereas posts that are more comedic in nature tend to do better on Fridays.

Pinterest is one of the younger social networks, but it is growing at an incredible rate, especially around the world. Given this growth rate and the level of engagement, specifically amongst women, you should consider marketing on Pinterest an absolute must for your brand.

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