Facebook DO’s and DON’Ts (for Business)

Facebook is huge. Like, mega-gigantic-enormo-huge. As of July 2016, Facebook was reporting over 1.71 billion active users per month, with 1.13 billion of those logging in every day. And twelve years into its existence, those numbers still represent 15 and 17 percent growth year over year, respectively.

If you are running a business, big or small, a Facebook presence is no longer just a good idea, it’s a requirement. Your customers, clients, subscribers, etc. expect to find you on Facebook. In fact, in many cases Facebook is people’s preferred way to communicate with and get support from the companies they interact with.

Unlike some other social media platforms, Facebook is not the wild west anymore. There are norms, rules, and expected behaviors. Twelve years of existence and usage by close to a quarter of the world’s population have created some pretty strong best practices for businesses.

In other words, there’s a right way to Facebook, and a wrong way to Facebook.

We’re here to help you figure out which is which.

DO Make Your Page Look Great

Your mere presence on Facebook, while I’m sure is appreciated, is not enough. You’ve got to make this thing look good.

That means profile pictures and cover photos that are high quality, recognizable representations of your brand. And not just recognizable, but easily recognizable even at very small sizes. Think about it. On Facebook, that little profile picture goes everywhere with you. It’s not just on your profile, it’s on your posts, your comments, even your private messages.

Also make sure the look and feel of your Facebook profile is consistent with the rest of your branding, especially your website.

When you have promotional campaigns or product launches that you are running, make sure you freshen up the look of your cover photo, profile call-to-action, and have a post pinned to the top of your page which all coordinate the same look and effort.

DON’T Leave Any Blanks

Part of creating a great profile is making sure you have a complete profile. The about section of your profile has a lot of little parts to it, so take the time to go through and fill it out completely. Not only is the about section important for letting people know you care enough to take your profile seriously, it’s also one of the first places people will look when searching for information about your company.

DO Interact With Followers

As mentioned at the top, many people prefer to interact with companies and brands they like on Facebook over any other method, be it email, phone or other forms of social media. So, make sure you interact back.

If you are using Facebook for customer service (hint: you should be), be sure to respond quickly and take customer feedback, positive or negative, seriously and graciously.

Beyond individual messages, there’s a lot of interaction you can do on your wall or with your status updates. If your followers are going out of their way to praise you, share your posts, or ask questions – go ahead and reward them with answers, likes and comments of your own. Being an active participant will create a sense of community around your brand and increase overall engagement.

DON’T Be Slow

Part of using Facebook for customer service is meeting your customers’ expectations. 42% of consumers who complain on social media expect a response within one hour. After all, if they aren’t going to get a quick reply online, they might as well call or email. Make sure customer service through Facebook ends up being a good experience for your customers, otherwise it could backfire.

DO Time Your Posts

When you go through the effort to post something on Facebook, you want to make sure it reaches the maximum number of people. Obviously, Facebook has a certain algorithm to determine what posts show up in people’s feeds and how high. But, how recently a post went up is definitely a determining factor. So, make sure you post at the times of the day when the highest number of your followers is active.

How can you possibly know what time that is? Well, at the top of your page is a tab called “Insights.” The Insights tab can be a bit overwhelming, but if you take the time to parse through it, there’s some very useful information in there, including a graph under “posts” called “When Your Fans Are Online.”

DON’T Post Too Often

The last thing you want to do with your posts is annoy people. You absolutely want to be active on Facebook and post often. That way, people know that you are there and using your Facebook account, that Facebook is a good way to reach you, and they’ll be encouraged to follow and interact with you. Just… don’t overdo it.

If you aren’t sure what overdoing it looks like (and certainly different people will have different thresholds of annoyance), a good rule of thumb is to post 1-3 times per day, and 3 might even be getting a little high. Anything over that is a risk.

Instead of worrying too much about how often you post, spend time crafting really good, high quality posts. Quality is always going to win out over quantity.

There is a lot to keep track of when it comes to all of the different social media platforms and how best to use them to market your business. Contact 10twelve to help with your content and social media marketing strategy.