Coming Up With Business Blog Post Ideas

You’ve heard that you should start a blog for your business. You know the value of quality original content. You’ve seen the statistics about how websites with blogs create 97% more links to their sites and get indexed 434% more often. So, you’re ready. You’re going to do it. You’re going to blog.

Just one problem.

What the heck are you supposed to write about?

Don’t get frustrated if you’re having trouble getting started, or moving past those first few posts. We’re here to help.

Here are ideas for blog posts you can write, as well as ideas for coming up with even more.

Be Instructive

You have knowledge. You know how to do stuff. So share it with the world. How-to’s, tips and tutorials are some of the best fodder for blog posts. Not only are they a great way to share your expertise with your audience, it also shows off that you ARE an expert, and will make you feel good about how much you know about your business and areas of interest. You might be surprised by how much you’ve learned that goes beyond general knowledge.

This is also a great way for you to address questions from customers or those not “in the know” about why certain things in your industry are the way they are, and how they got to be that way.

By establishing yourself as an authority in your field, you’ll position yourself as a leader in your industry, which looks good both to consumers and to competitors.

Round ‘Em Up

A link “round up” is an easy way to talk about hot and trending topics in your industry. You can let your audience know what sites and articles you think are interesting, and offer your unique perspective and commentary on what is going on in your field.

Get On The List

List posts are a tried and true blog post format. You can recognize them easily because they usually have a number in them, and look something like “7 Times A Platypus Quacked” or “12 Amazing Squat-based Workouts.” You won’t get many points for originality just from the format itself, but hopefully your perspective is what will make these kinds of posts unique. One thing to keep in mind – be careful of the number of list items you try to include. 20 of something will make you seem well-informed and knowledgeable. But would YOU want to read a list that was 200 items long?

Product Descriptions

Obviously, you don’t want every single blog post to be about your great products or services. But every now and then? Sure. You’re going to be the person best suited to talking about what makes your offerings special, and a blog post gives you the chance to say more about them than you would in a typical description on your website. If you’re going to go this route, try to keep the language informal and personal, so it doesn’t just feel like an advertisement.

Have A (Relevant) Opinion

Whether this is about a current trend in your industry, an article getting a lot of traction, or a relevant current event, writing an opinion about a topic can be a great way to show you and your company’s point of view to your audience. It will help humanize you to your readers, and who knows? You might even spark some interesting comments of feedback. Any time one of your articles can go beyond simple reading material and become a conversation, it helps create a sense of community around your brand, and increases engagement.

Hopefully we've helped inspire some ideas for posts that you can use on your business website. The most important thing is to be creative and have a point of view. If you can do those two things, you’ll never run out of material. Now get blogging!

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