The Best Lesser-Known Squarespace Features

Squarespace is a fantastic platform for just about anybody who wants to build a website. Aside from being easy to use and providing a broad selection of gorgeous website templates, Squarespace is fast, affordable, and provides loads of content options for everything from audio players for musicians to menu builders for restaurants. On top of all that, Squarespace is also one of the best, most user-friendly ecommerce platforms around.

But you knew all of that.

Those are the big features. The heavy-hitters. The front-page headlines. And for sure, those aspects are some of what makes us dole out glowing recommendations for the Squarespace as a website building and CMS platform. But that’s not what really makes us go ga-ga for it.

No, where Squarespace shines is when you really get down into the nitty-gritty details. The things that provide the shine and polish and extra pizzaz – it’s these features that truly put it over the top in our books.

So, here are our favorite lesser-known, but still totally awesome, Squarespace features.

Video Backgrounds

A relatively recent addition, (Squarespace launched this feature in July) video backgrounds allow users to take what was already one of the most striking design features of many Squarespace templates, beautiful background images, and step them up even further. Now, in place of a big background image, you can embed any video from platforms like Vimeo, Wistia or YouTube and play it on a loop. You can even customize the look and feel of the video by adding filters, overlay colors, or changing the playback speed. The effect is truly awesome.

Image Editing

Anybody who has ever attempted to launch or maintain a website outside of the Squarespace environment knows that dealing with images can sometimes be a real pain. It’s often difficult to figure out the right sizing and placement, let alone getting it to display the way you actually want it to.

Squarespace’s image editing eliminates all of these problems, and makes what was once a nightmare process actually enjoyable. Resizing, cropping and rotating images are made possible without the need for expensive design software. You can even apply Instagram-style filters.

One of the best things though, is the ability to set a “focal point.” The focal point lets you pinpoint the place on the image that you think is most important, and tells Squarespace that no matter what kind of device is being used, that part of the image is what you want people to be able to see. Thus, ensuring that no matter what screen size somebody is using to look at your site, you know your images will show up the way you want them to.

If you don’t have images handy, Squarespace also makes it super easy to browse and buy Getty images, meaning that everybody can incorporate beautiful images into their website.

Multiple Blogs

Obviously, Squarespace is one of the best platforms to run a blog through a website. But did you know that Squarespace allows you to have multiple blogs on a single site? As many as you’d like, in fact.

You can have a blog for business posts and a blog for personal posts. You can have a separate blog for news items, or even a blog for educational/tutorial posts and materials.

With unlimited blogs on a single site, your creative content opportunities are boundless.

Cover Pages

Another amazing built-in feature for all Squarespace sites is Cover Pages. A cover page is like an entirely separate one-page site which goes on top of your existing site.

You can use a cover page to replace your home page, offer a one-page version of your site for those that prefer a continuous scroll (especially useful on mobile devices), or you can even use the cover page feature as landing pages for marketing campaigns.


We all know that websites don’t operate on their own, in a vacuum. They exist as a piece of an enormous whole, connecting to lot of other sites and services throughout the internet. That’s why it’s important that your CMS be able to play nicely with other services you might be utilizing, either for yourself or for your business.

That’s why we love the fact that Squarespace has integrations with some of the most popular apps and services on the internet. Whether it’s Mailchimp, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Pinterest, Squarespace gives you various ways to incorporate information from the other services you already use. Here’s a full list, in case you’re curious.

There are so many things that make Squarespace great, and while we hate to play favorites with our favorite website builder, we think it’s important to give all of these great little features their due. Contact us today about a new Squarespace website build for your business.