Communicating Better With Customers

Whether you’re putting out a marketing campaign, trying to grow your business, or simply launching your brand, communicating the right message to your customers can be tricky.

As business owners, we have such a deep understanding of what our company is and does. Set us up with a pitch deck or corner us in a bar, the result is the same – we can talk your ear off for hours about everything that is unique and wonderful about our company. The passion is unstoppable, and often times is contagious.

But when it comes to communicating that message and that passion to your customers, it’s a whole different story. Maybe they lack a certain foundational knowledge that limits their understanding of what your business does. Maybe they bought something from you a while ago and don’t know about the changes or new directions your company has gone in. Or maybe your website copy is just stilted and robotic.

There are so many obstacles that can get in the way of communicating the message you want to your customers. So, here are some tips to help you communicate that message better.

Engage on Social Media

Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat (and so on) represent an amazing opportunity to communicate with your customers. For one, you can use these channels to have hands-on, responsive customer service. Answering questions and solving problems in a setting where others can see your hard work and share their positive results can be a huge boost to the way customers see you and your company.

But social media is much more than that too. Especially when it comes to the more visual platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, it’s an opportunity to show off your company’s personality, voice and sense of humor.

Consistent Copy

One of the best things you can do to start crafting the right message from your company to your customers is to have consistent copy anywhere your customers encounter text. From your blog to your newsletters to your website’s about page, these are all opportunities to not only deliver information to your customers, but to cultivate a voice and point of view.

Blogs especially are great for this, since the information and topics can be a bit more broad, and the expectation from blog posts is that the writing style will be a bit less formal than what customers might find on your homepage.

Creative FAQ

Having an FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions – everybody knew that already, right?) on your website is a really effective way to provide information to customers before they request it. You can inform and guide the buying or sales process, protect yourself from incorrect assumptions, and provide information about your company that it might be otherwise difficult to get out there.

But FAQs don’t have to be purely informational. Instead of a straight question-answer format, try to think of creative ways to phrase the questions, as well as interesting, funny or surprising ways to give the answers.

Targeted Emails

Hopefully, you’ve got a list of subscribers built up and are using an email platform like Mail Chimp to send out regular newsletters and promotional emails to your customers. But here’s the thing a lot of people miss when it comes to email marketing:

Not every email has to go to every customer.

Is your mind blown? Okay, maybe that’s not a mind-exploder, but still, this is important to understand. Your customers are not all the same person. That means the more you can differentiate between your customers and dig out specifics about who they are, the more you can focus on narrower and more specific groups. Targeting your emails in this way is going to help them feel more personalized, which your customers will appreciate, and will allow you to craft your message better. After all, you probably wouldn’t speak to soccer-moms the same way you’d speak to biker-dudes. And if both of those people are counted amongst your customer base, I’d like to know what it is that you’re selling.

Be A Person

Finally, the single most important thing you can do which relates to all of the above is to be a human being in your communications. Be funny. Be vulnerable. Show some personality and heart. Customers don’t like dealing with cold, robotic, corporate-feeling automatons. They like dealing with humans. Showing emotion and excitement, giving more than just the stock, trite or politically correct answers to questions or version of information is going to be the way to get your passion across, and make your customers feel passionate as well.

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