Who's managing your social media?

Are you managing your social media or have you passed the duty off to a college intern whose probably stealing notebooks from your supplies cabinet right now? Are you invested in watching your company grow through online marketing or do you hit the ignore button every time a Facebook update appears?

You might think finding the right kind of person to manage your social media is harder than furniture shopping with the in-laws, but really, it’s not.

According to Chris Ducker, an online CEO and blogger, finding the right person to manage your social media is a necessary evil that allows managers to spending their time on more demanding tasks.

Still think a college intern could do that?

 A recent online survey of more than 460 small business owners, proprietors and CEOs, 63% said that they spend 1-5 hours on social media every week. The remaining are spending somewhere around 21 and what’s worse, some are spending no time at all.

Qualities to look for in a social media manager

There are certain qualities you should look for in a social media manager. The first one being they know how to use a smartphone. Here’s a list of questions to ask:

  1. Will this person actually give a fuck about their job or will they be snapchatting their boyfriend in the bathroom?

  2. Can this person deliver accurate news about the company they’re representing? Or will get facts wrong and come back late from lunch.

  3. Is this person a good writer and do they enjoy it? 

  4. Is this person informed and objective or do they have to hog the spotlight and sell their own views?

  5. How can this person provide a different perspective on information that’s already circulating around the web?

  6. Are they responsible in dealing with controversial matters or will they accidently post their own dick pic?

  7. Can they be contacted outside of work to receive important updates and critical information?

  8. Do you like their style or are you just looking to fill an empty desk?