Social Media Engagement for Motorsports

In recent years, the proliferation of social media has totally changed the game in terms of how brands are able to communicate with their audiences. And the impact has been even more significant in competition industries where fans are involved, such as motorsports.

Companies involved in motorsports, from racing teams to manufacturers to organizers, have an ability to speak directly to and engage with fans like never before thanks to social media. The opportunity is there to not just strengthen the fan base and attract new fans, but also to create a better environment for access and engagement than other sports in the media landscape.

For motorsports fans, so much of their passion for the sport comes from the live, visceral experience of attending a race event in person. For fans, that experience stays with them and they remember it every time they watch it though TV, livestream, or through their interactions with social media.

Push vs Pull

While TV was once considered the be-all-end-all of reaching motorsports fans, it has in many ways become less relevant thanks to social media and livestreaming. TV is part of an older, “push” focused model for engaging with fans, where content (and advertising) was pushed toward them and at them. Now, fans are wary of the push model and instead are more receptive to “pull” focused efforts. In other words, if the motorsports companies and organizations offer great content and experiences and make the sport feel accessible to them, the fans will show up and do so gladly. Pull-efforts tend to lend themselves better to fan engagement as well, which makes sense. After all, if fans are only showing up because they are flocking toward content that they enjoy and find relevant to them, they will be predisposed to interacting and engaging with that content.


Just because the opportunity is there though, doesn’t mean it is being fully taken advantage of yet though. It’s up to those on the industry side of motorsports to propel those efforts forward. They can do so in a few ways:

First, by creating great content for live events. Attending a race should always feel like a special and unique experience for fans, and one which can’t be replicated anywhere else. Providing up-close and personal access to drivers and access to cars can be a big part of creating a special experience for fans. That can also be enhanced through unique track-day video content.

Second, creating great content for the at-home fan experience. This includes live-streaming of the event, as well as personal, behind-the-scenes footage and interviews before, during, and after events.

Third, engagement on social media. That means not just posting content (photos, videos, tweets, etc) on social media, but sharing and re-posting fan-generated content. Most fans get a real kick out of getting a little bit of recognition from the people behind a sport they love, and that can have an amplifying effect during live events such as race days.

Through all of these efforts, one of the biggest keys to providing great content to fans is access. When you give fans access to the inner-workings of a sport they love, they feel like they aren’t just observers of the sport, they become part of it.

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